About Reinforce II


Reinforce is full-time application developer, who is working in a small company.

  • Contact email: reinforce@reinforce.moe
  • Discord: reinforce_ii
    Email is outdated, isn’t it?

Reinforce likes

  • Playing computer games
  • Browsing Github Trending repo
  • Messing with own servers
  • Programming
  • Playing drums

Regarding programming, Reinforce knows

Reinforce’s dream

  • Having a house
  • Building a Data Center at home
  • Staying home doing nothing

About reinforce.moe

What is this site?

This site is owned by Reinforce for putting some personal things.

That’s all?

Anything else?

Yes, Reinforce has set up few private services, such as git server, online music player, online notebook, some online management tools… and they will remain private, unless you are very friend with Reinforce.